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The most innovative facial technology and treatment available

Signature Image Medical Spa

Leslie Thomas Co-owner

Who is the Diamond Glow For?
Patients looking to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, scarring, age spots and acne concerns with no downtime are good candidates for this procedure. The DERMALINFUSION® can help anyone who has acne, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, brown spots, mild wrinkles, skin dullness and large pores. Unlike other microdermabrasions, the DERMALINFUSION® System combines non-invasive exfoliation with deep delivery of patient-specific solutions directly to the skin – without the use of crystal or other chemical exfoliants. DERMALINFUSION® is exclusively offered through facilities with medical directors on staff, and isn’t available at a typical day spa or salon. The procedure is non-invasive and even soothing; delivering the results you want without harsh chemicals or uncomfortable treatments. The DERMALINFUSION® is a 30 minute treatment and patients can return to activities immediate.

What benefits can I expect?
To jump start your new skin we recommend 3-4 treatments 2 weeks apart and maintenance every 2-3 months. However, even one silk peel will usually refresh your skin for up to six weeks!

What are the risks and side effects?
Usually there is no downtime with the DERMALINFUSION®, but some patients can experience tightening of the skin and mild exfoliation. Post treatment the skin may be slightly pink but this should last for about one hour. Prior to treatment all potential risks and side effects will be discussed with you by your medical provider and cosmetic coordinator.
How will I look and feel during and after the treatment?
Your skin care professional will choose one or more of our specialized Pro Infusions, formulated to address a variety of skin conditions. The DERMALINFUSION® infuses these products deep into the skin where they are most effective. The solution delivers hydrating, antioxidant, acne-fighting and pore-reducing, and/or lightening infusions into your skin. After cleansing and preparing your skin, your esthetician will perform the procedure with the specialized hand-piece.
The treatment uses a closed-loop vacuum system resembling that of a wand to exfoliate the skin. An aesthetician will recommend the appropriate topical to infuse the skin and stimulate new cell growth. Each pass gently abrades away dead skin, thoroughly and evenly exfoliating while infusing the treatment solution into the skin. Your skin immediately looks clearer and brighter and definitely feels smoother and your makeup will go on easily.

Patients can return back to work post treatment or resume their everyday routine. Mineral makeup is recommended as it heals and soothes the skin without irritation post procedure and covers up possible redness which should lighten after a few hours.

Can this be combined with other treatments?
The DERMALINFUSION® may be combined with many other cosmetic treatments in our office such as Photorejuvenation, Tissue Tightening Lasers, BOTOX Cosmetic and Injectable fillers. Many patients choose to undergo combination treatments in order to achieve the maximum aesthetic result.

Does this treatment help Teenager acne?
Diamond Glow with Dermalinfusion is a fully-customizable solution that can address a wide variety of skin concerns from head to toe. We can blend our treatment serums to help treat teenage acne problems (e.g. clogged pores, whiteheads, blackheads, painful pimples, and sometimes, hard, deep lumps on the face, neck, shoulders, chest, back, and upper arms). The feedback from teenagers and their parents from our Diamond Glow facial treatment plan has been incredibly positive.

$150 for each treatment (one hour). We provide value based pricing as compared to many/most other medical centers/spas. Join our Signature Image Membership to receive a monthly Diamond Glow Facial for just $109 (12 month membership) / $119 (6 month membership). 

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