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Holidays are a time to enjoy family, friends, and holiday get togethers. These events frequently revolve around food despite there being so much more to enjoy. The average person gains 1-5 pounds over the holidays which does not sound too bad. The problem is that most of us don’t take that weight off again. This moderate weight gain then winds up contributing to much of our midlife weight gain. I am not immune to any of this despite being in the medical field and “knowing better”. There are some things that I am going to do this holiday season to avoid becoming a weight gain statistic and I invite you to join me at Signature Image to do the same. We have herbal products, prescriptive medications, medical procedures, and individual dietary counseling that can further aid you.

The Trick is NOT to GAIN but to MAINTAIN, or better yet, lose a little weight and get a head start on those New Year’s resolutions.

Here are some tips to enjoying the holidays without the bulge:

INDULGE IN MODERATION. PORTION CONTROL IS KEY. I will not skip meals on days of festivities thinking that I will save calories for the evening event. If I do skip meals, I will more likely show up extremely hungry and eat the wrong foods and way too much. In fact, it is not a bad idea to eat a small 100-150 calorie snack, such as a cheese stick or apple, to take the edge off your appetite just before going to the party! DON’T ARRIVE HUNGRY!

Limit your appetizers. Have a number in mind and stick to it. BE SMARTER THAN THE BUFFET. Choose a couple of items rather than a plateful of everything. Go for simple foods such as fruits and vegetables. Watch out for casseroles, dips, and sauces which can loaded with hidden and whopping amounts of calories. Take small bites and chew your food slowly taking time to savor your food as well as your company. Holidays are NOT just food events.

Be mindful of what you eat and why. Are you really hungry? Or are you eating out of stress, anxiety, boredom, or camaraderie? Is this something you really want to indulge in or could you wait and make a better choice?

Be choosy about sweets. If you are a person who can be satisfied with a couple of bites, ENJOY! If you are a person who finds it difficult to stop the sweet-fest once you have started, you are better to avoid the sweets altogether.

If you are the cook, you have more control and you can prepare nutritious foods that are less calorie dense. Avoid nibbling as you prepare those meals. Studies have demonstrated that the smell of mint stimulates areas in the brain that says: “you are full”. Chewing some spearmint or peppermint gum, having a small bit of candy cane or lighting a mint candle may help diminish the desire to nibble while you work.

Watch the holiday beverages. If you are craving a rum and eggnog, have ONE. You are drinking approximately 394 calories. Fruity drinks, those with fructose or soda mixers and darker alcohols tend to be much higher in calories. After that ONE splurge, switch to a more calorie friendly beverage. A 5-ounce glass of wine is about 123 calories. Limit alcohol overall. It tends to cause us to lose inhibitions and sensibility and to eat more. BE SURE TO DRINK LOTS OF WATER!

Keep up your exercise routine or even improve it. Most people slack on their exercise routines in November and December. That combined with increased calorie consumption leads to weight gain. KEEP MOVING!

GET ADEQUATE SLEEP! Inadequate amounts of sleep result in altered hormone levels, ghrelin and leptin, which affect perceptions of fullness and appetite. The holidays can be busy and bustling time but compromising your sleep quality and quantity can interfere with weight loss and general health.



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Cathy always provides excellent support on my weightliss journey. I could not be successful without the prescription for appetite suppressant and my Super B injection! These injections are game changers!

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