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Cathy Wakins (NP)

Co-Owner and Weight Loss Practice Leader

Our Weight Loss Practice Approach

The medical weight loss program at Signature Image is designed to assist our guests in achieving healthy weight loss, utilizing a variety of approaches and tools.  We first evaluate current dietary and exercise habits and personal behaviors, which may help or hinder our guest's ability to lose and maintain the desired weight.  Mutual development of healthy weight loss goals and clear, well defined steps to achieve these goals are then outlined.

Tools for weight loss include:  prescriptive weight loss medications (which are medically monitored), HCG injections, herbal supplements, and individualized, safe and sound, dietary and exercise guidelines. The most important tool, however, is the empowerment of our guest for personal success.  Together, we achieve this through individualized and collaborative counseling with evaluation and re-evaluation, to determine what works and what does not work for each guest.

The goal for each guest is to incorporate into their lifestyle a balanced, healthy, and enjoyable diet, regular exercise, improved sleep patterns, and improved energy levels. The pinnacle of achievement is an optimal body weight, a healthy lifestyle, and feelings of well being.  We pride ourselves in providing our guests with safe and individualized services to achieve these positive outcomes!

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