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$125 per month
(effective 2/1/24)


At the first of every month, your credit card on file will be charged $125.  This money will be STASHED in your client account to be used at your discretion toward any product or service, this money accumulates every month until you decide to use it. 

Now that we've collected your money, you have 2 choices:

Cash it in- You may EVENLY EXCHANGE one Diamond Glow facial (including TNS) or one NOON facial per month, for $125 (these facials are normally $150). This member discount is allowed once per month and may not accumulate, meaning only one Diamond Glow or NOON facial per month per member at this discounted price. Any additional facials will receive a 10% discount from the retail price.


Let it ride- You also have the option to NOT have a facial and simply let your money accumulate to be used toward ANY PRODUCT OR SERVICE, a savings account for your beauty needs! 


  • Each month members may evenly cash-in their $125 toward a Diamond Glow (including TNS) or NOON facial OR they may stash their money for a later date.  AND MEMBERS GET TO ENJOY MANY DISCOUNTS!

  • 10% OFF - All Products, Facials, Medical Grade Peels, Dermaplaning, PDO afterglow, Mesotherapy (PCDC), PRP facial injections, Celluma treatments, Body sculpt treatments, microneedling with or without PRP

  • 15% OFF - WOW Shot, Thermi-smooth single treatments, Thermi-VA treatments, Virtue RFMN, Verju body contouring, Alopecia treatments with PRP, Cool Peel CO2 laser

  • $50 OFF dermal filler

  • $1 OFF current retail of neuromodulators (does not include specials


  • Memberships are at least a 6-month commitment.

  • Weight loss items (Semaglutide, Phentermine, B12 injections, etc. are excluded from discounts.

  • Membership fees will be charged to your card on file on the 1st of every month.

  • You must have a valid credit card on file.

  • If your membership is canceled, all discounts are terminated same day, however, you may still use all your money in your account.

  • If you cancel your membership you must wait 6 months before re-applying.

  • Membership rules are subject to change.

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