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Repair My Skin
Treatment Plans

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Summer is fun!  But let's face it, even if you wear your SPF every day, keep up with your skincare regimen, cover up, wear hats, and anything else you may do to protect your skin, you can’t fully avoid the damage that the summer months can do to our skin. 

The good news? You can start repairing the damage from the summer season now instead of waiting. And we have 3 different options for you depending on your budget and your goals.  These plans are recommendations, you and your skin care specialist will determine the best route for you to take and can make changes accordingly. 

Now let’s dive into the important products and treatments you need to look for when it comes to repairing the skin after the summertime.



Exfoliation -  to remove all the impurities and dead skin from your face in order to welcome new, rejuvenated skin cells. By exfoliating regularly at the end of summer (2-3 times per week, or 1-2 times if you have sensitive skin) you’ll be able to shed all the dull, dead, dry skin cells to make your skin look youthful going into the fall season. SKIN MEDICA AHA/BHA EXFOLIATING CLEANSER

Keep wearing your SPF! - SPF doesn’t stop after the summer! The sun is out all year, which means continuing to apply your SPF each and every day will ensure that further damage isn’t done to your skin. It’ll also make sure that all the work you’re doing to repair your skin after the summer season is maintained and not reversed.

By continuing to wear your SPF you’re not only protecting your skin throughout the year, you’re also fighting aging and ensuring your skin remains youthful for a longer period of time. SKIN MEDICA ESSENTIAL DEFENSE, NOON BRUSH-N-GO SPF 50

MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE! - when it comes to skin repair, hydration is essential. This is because, without hydration, your skin won’t remain plump and smooth since your skin needs moisture to bounce back. Thankfully, we have a host of products to help us hydrate! Skin Medica's HA5, NOON'S Halo-Ronic Serum, AND MANY MOISTURIZERS!


TREATMENTS (listed in order of intensity)

NOON Facials

Chemical Peels

DP4 (microneedling) 

Virtue (microneedling with radio frequency)

C02 cool peel laser


PEEL PLAN - Begin with consultation, facial analyzer, and launch of correct products.

October- Noon Facial - the NOON facials use peels during the facial and allow us to increase your intensity with every facial

November - chemical peel OR Skin Pen microneedling (we use 3 peels: Vitalize, Rejuvenize, VI Peel - listed in order of intensity)

December - Noon Facial

January - chemical peel OR Skin Pen

February - Noon Facial

March - chemical peel OR Skin Pen

April - Noon facial, skin analyzer


October - Noon facial, skin analyzer, launch of correct products

November - Virtue (microneedling with radiofrequency)

December - Virtue

January - Virtue

February - Noon Facial

March - Noon Facial

April - Noon Facial, skin analyzer


October - CO2 laser, skin analyzer, launch of correct products

November - Virtue (microneedling with radiofrequency)

December - CO2 laser (for skin resurfacing - burns almost 30% of the epidermis = skin renewal)

January - Virtue

February - CO2 laser

March - Virtue

April - Noon facial, skin analyzer

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