Excessive stretching of vaginal muscles is common after vaginal child birth and also due to aging.  The laxity of the skin in this area can lead to decreased sensation, vaginal dryness, and sometimes pain during intimacy. Multiple vaginal births can also cause the pelvic muscles to stretch and weaken, causing stress incontinence (urinating with cough or sneeze). 


ThermiVa is a non-invasive and non-hormonal treatment that uses controlled radio frequency energy to gently heat tissue which causes collagen fibrils to contract. The heat energy allows the existing tissues to remodel while also stimulating collagen and elastin production.


A specially designed hand piece is used on the external and internal vaginal tissue. Treatments typically take about 30 minutes in the office and a series of 3 treatments are required for optimal results.  However, clients typically see noticeable differences after the 1st treatment.  A single annual treatment may be needed to maintain results.

"I want to express to you my delight in the results I have experienced from my first ThermaVA treatment.  Before I had incontinence to the point that the use of pads were a necessity.  That is not the case any longer, also the 2 and 3 times up a night to go to the bathroom has been reduced to once a night because now I am able to empty my bladder . The vaginal dryness is not an issue any longer which makes having sex a much more pleasant experience.  I am so excited about the results and honestly can’t wait to see the outcome from my next two sessions.  This procedure is a blessing for me and I hope this testimony will help other women understand how fantastic the ThermaVA treatments are.  It truly is a life changing event."  B.G Powder Springs

*Please go to photo gallery to see results of ThermiVa*

Tissue pre ThermiVa treatment

Healthy tissue post ThermiVa treatment 

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