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ThermiSmooth Face is a gentle procedure that is non-invasive and requires no down time. The procedure uses a temperature controlled hand piece that uses gentle heating through radio frequency energy delivered directly to the skin. 


The facial areas that can be treated are the forehead, eyes, cheeks, mouth, and neck.  It can also be used on the arms, abdomen and nearly anywhere else there is sagging skin.


Most sessions last about 30 minutes and can be compared to a hot stone massage.  Most guests see results after the first treatment but typically 3 or more treatments are needed for optimal results. 

ThermiSmooth Before and After2.jpg
ThermiSmooth Before and Afters 3.jpg

The heat to the deep layers of the skin stimulates collagen production and strengthens the collagen and elastin that is present.  This is a gradual process so improvements continue to be made months after treatment.  


A single maintenance treatment may be needed annually. 

See our "SI Membership" tab for our maintenance package which includes Thermi-Smooth!

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