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Did you know that nearly 2/3's of meals are eaten outside of the home?  And nearly 1/2 of those are eaten at a fast-food place?  This type of eating is not providing us with the correct number of daily nutrients!   Overconsumption of fast food and sugar has led to an increase in digestive issues over the years and the body's ability to fully absorb nutrients has declined, weakening the immune system.

When we ingest food or supplements for nutrition we are only receiving a fraction of the vitamins and minerals that we are consuming.  With IV Nutrition therapy your body will receive 100% of the nutrition that has been specifically chosen for you and your wellness goals.


We currently have 2 fabulous choices for you, the Myers Cocktail and Immune Boost.  Both will be offered with additional hydration, because who doesn't need it? (but of course, if you don't - we won't give it to you!) Both of our offerings can be safely administered once a week and are sold ala carte or in packages of four.  These are great additions to many of our wonderful treatments already offered! 



– Improve Blood Flow

– Decreases inflammatory activity

– Antioxidant Effects

– Improve Symptoms of hyperthyroidism, Asthma and
  Cardiovascular Disease

– Lowers Blood Sugar

– Immune System Boost

– Detoxifying

– And Many More…


 The Myers Cocktail

Around since the '60s, Physician John Myers pioneered IV therapy with this blend of Vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, and a complex of B vitamins as a more efficient means of delivering vitamins and minerals to the body.  This is our ENERGY and ANTI-AGING IV!  Additionally, it has been shown to boost immunity, enhance athletic performance, and rehydrate after an eventful evening!

 The Immune Boost

The IV Immune Boost Hydration Therapy includes all the great components of the Meyers Cocktail with the addition of Glutathione and Acetylcysteine which are antioxidants. With the Immune Boost many people report superior immunity against colds and illness, increased energy levels, and enhanced detoxification, all of which results from improved cellular health and function.  IV Immune Boost can also result in reduction of symptoms for people with chronic illnesses, inflammatory diseases, food sensitivities, and decreased immune function. For healthy individuals, Immune Boost can aid in athletic performance, improve sleep, energy levels and overall sense of well-being.   


Myers Cocktail: $125

Immune Boost: $150

Dr. Oz loves IV Therapy & check out why! 

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