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Updated: Jun 2, 2021

I really like a Paleo way of eating not only to promote healthy weight but for health and wellness. This dietary format includes fruits, vegetables, tubers, nuts, seeds, meats, seafood, and fowl and generally avoids grains, legumes, and dairy which tend to be inflammatory to the digestive system and other parts of the body.

Robb Wolf is a health expert, and former research biochemist, and has been writing about this dietary way of life for years. While reading his latest book, Wired to Eat (Harmony Books, 2017), I came across his chart which he refers to as the Food Matrix. It identifies 27 different proteins, 24 various vegetables, 5 fats, and 25 herbs and spices that can, in various combinations, yield more than 81,000 meal options that can be cooked in 5-10 minutes. While trying to eat healthy, save time, and include lots of dietary variety, this chart is a great tool and can be found on his website at

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