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Resolutions, particularly weight loss resolutions, are common this time of year but 30% are broken by February before they even get a chance. Why? Unrealistic expectations and goals. Here are some tips to help make and keep those resolutions.

Identify your long-term goals but set up some specific and achievable short-term goals that will help you get there. Setting up goals that are not specific or reasonable sets people up for failure.

Avoid fad diets. Eat lean protein and vegetables with every meal. This should be a way of life and not the four-letter “D-I-E-T” word.

Don’t deprive yourself entirely while eating out and socializing but make reasonable and healthy choices. Feeling left out and deprived will make to you more likely to retaliate and go off the deep end. BUT DON’T ARRIVE HUNGRY TO THAT SOCAL EVENT.

Strive for 80% healthful eating. Trying to be “Perfect” all the time is another set-up for failure. We can’t be perfect all the time, but we can be good most of the time.

Don’t skip breakfast. Include a protein packed regimen every morning that will help fuel your body and prevent excessive hunger later.

Do not severely restrict caloric intake thinking you will get and keep weight off sooner. When you go back to normal caloric intake, you will wind up putting pounds back on. This leads to “yo-yo dieting”.

Develop a healthy eating plan. Enlist the professional help to get started as appropriate.

Drink LOTS of water. Minimum, half your current body weight per day.

Avoid being a scale watcher. We have natural fluctuations in our weight. Do monitor inches lost.

Get adequate sleep. Poor sleep habits can affect hormones that interfere with weight loss.

Commit to a set number of weekly workouts that include cardio and strength training eventually aiming for 5 workouts per week.

Engage in a variety of workout types to keep you interested and engaging in a variety of activities using different muscle groups and caloric expenditures.

Don’t hesitate to call us at Signature Image for any questions or help in your weight loss endeavors at 678-224-7868!


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